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About TFdb
The Mouse transcription factor database (TFdb) is a database containing mouse transcription factor genes and their related genes. It is intended to select transcription factor genes nonredundantly from entire Mouse genome.
It is described in "A genome-wide and nonredundant mouse transcription factor database", Kanamori et. al, (BBRC 322/3 pp. 787-793).
Data source
We used following data source to develop TFdb.
LocusLink (NCBI)
loc2go was used to select transcription factor gene.
LL.out was used as definition of each gene.
loc2ref was used to associate locus with refseq sequence.
It is announced that LocusLink will be replaced by Entrez Gene. It will be changed corresponding data for them.
HomoloGene (NCBI)
It is used to associate Human and Rat orthologous genes to Mouse genes.
GO term ids with corresponding terms names and ontologies.
mm_mgc_mrna.fasta.gz (MGC)
Sequence data of "full-length" Image/MGC clones
FANTOM sequence (RIKEN)
RIKEN FANTOM2 full-length enriched cDNA sequence data.
TFdb will be updated without notice. The referenced data is updated frequently. And it is announced that LocusLink will be replaced by Entrez Gene. TFdb will follow the changes.
Data of TFdb can be used freely. cDNA clones indicated as Riken are distributed from RIKEN and Dnaform.
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