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This DNABook contains about 1702 genes.

Pyrococcus DNABook website (User Guidelines)

Rice Full-Length cDNA Encyclopedia

This DNABook contains about 32063 full-length cDNAs.

DNABook Search for Rice DNABook Users
KOME ( Knowledge-based Oryza Molecular biological Encyclopedia) website
National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences


Arabidopsis cDNA Encyclopedia

This DNABook contains about 1000 full-length cDNAs for transcription factors.

Arabidopsis DNABook website
User Guidelines
RIKEN Arabidopsis Transcription Factor database: RARTF
RIKEN Bioresource Center

(Japanese only)

Primers of microsatellite markers of flatfish: 217pairs, Primers for diagnostic of fish disease:15 pairs.


Human cDNA Encyclopedia Metabolome

RT-PCR products of genes encording enzymes related to Human metabolic passthways: 1211clones.

Data Sheet

Mouse Genome Encyclopedia

Mouse Full-length cDNAs that cover most of the whole transcriptome: 60770clones.


From Accession number and CloneID
From spotted-position (CloneID)
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Vector structures

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